Growing up in Xibei

Based on the energy ring of love, Xibei loves employees, employees love customers and customers love Xibei

  • 成版人豆奶视频app: Love and help each other

    Xibei mutual aid fund

    In 2007, Xibei set up a caring mutual aid fund to provide timely and effective help to Xibei employees and their immediate family members in case of major diseases, emergencies or children's education needs. As of December 2, 2019, the number of recipients was six hundred and sixty-nine Person, amount of assistance fourteen million eight hundred and one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two Yuan, including loan three million four hundred and ten thousand Yuan; It is a love project jointly operated by all Xibei people.

    Application scope of love mutual fund
    ·Employees with working experience of more than 6 months (including 6 months) in Xibei;
    ·Xibei employees who have worked for more than 6 months (including 6 months) are directly related by blood, such as spouse, parents, children, brothers and sisters (unmarried)

    Use of mutual aid fund
    ·Donations given in the event of serious injury, disaster or accident, children's education, and the expenses needed due to family economic difficulties exceed the family's financial ability;
    ·The loan given when there is an urgent need for capital turnover due to an emergency.

    Love mutual fund project
    ·Purchase serious illness insurance for partners and immediate family members over 2 years old;
    ·Grant "children's education fund" subsidies to eligible partners;
    ·Organize travel activities with family members for qualified excellent partners.

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  • Career development

    Career development

    What is your dream? Have you ever thought about how to realize your dream?
    "Promotion" ——Is the only way to dream!

    Here, we give you a platform,
    Give you a chance,
    At the same time for you to build up the ladder,
    Every promotion is a sign of promotion,
    Is the proof of success, is the beginning of a new dream!

    It is better to be wonderful together than to be concerned! Looking forward to leaving your sweat on this platform and realizing your dream!

  • Commending League building

    Commending League building

    We select "excellent employees" and "star employees" every year to encourage partners with excellent performance in their posts. At the same time, it also has the "craftsman Spirit Award" as a lifelong honorary title to encourage those partners who have been diligent and down-to-earth over the years and practice "love, persistence, precision, innovation and focus".

    We encourage the establishment of long-term partnership with our employees. On May 29th of each year (the founding day of Xibei), we will be awarded the titles of "loyal employee" and "meritorious employee" after 6 and 12 years of employment, and get the opportunity to commend the league construction. In 2018, more than 300 partners were awarded "loyal employees", and nearly 100 partners were awarded "meritorious employees".

    Jia Guolong, founder and chairman of Xibei, said: "in the next ten years, Xibei will achieve at least 100 heroes." The so-called "hero" is the partner who can influence, help and make 1000 employees create their happy life. No matter in the headquarters, or in the branches and stores, everyone is likely to become a hero. At the 30th anniversary celebration of Xibei in May 2018, Xibei named three "Heroes" who were awarded 1 million yuan each year, and the education, medical care, tourism and insurance expenses of four generations from parents to grandchildren were all reimbursed by the company. By setting a benchmark, we can better spread out the love and share the benefits. Don't fight for the first place, What are we doing? " Pass on.

  • Desert base

    Xibei Iron Army desert base

    In recent years, with the popularization of Outward Bound Training in China. Training + tourism has become an indispensable part of people's life. Xibei hopes that at the same time of entertainment and play, Xibei people can learn life experience, experience social education, and form correct interpersonal, emotional and social values.

    Therefore, Xibei catering group invested to build a large desert training base with functions of training, conference, outward bound training and accommodation in the hinterland of Kubuqi Desert. All the buildings adopt the mode of Great Wall Station in Antarctica. They are designed as environment-friendly container community and make full use of electric energy, solar energy and other environmental energy.

    It is committed to building a vertical platform for enterprise training and theme desert activities, so that more people can experience the joy and charm of desert.

    Base scale: It covers an area of about 12096 square meters and can accommodate thousands of people to carry out activities.
    Base location: The base is located in the hinterland of nankubuqi desert, duguitala Town, Hangjin Banner, Ordos City
    Vehicle configuration: Bombardier, LC series off-road vehicle
    Service team: Xibei catering team, senior developer, professional leader, professional driver, executive team
    Supporting facilities of the base: The base is equipped with restaurant, barbecue platform, open-air stage, conference room, outdoor sky screen, mobile tent camp and other infrastructure facilities, and can provide a variety of hiking route planning, desert cross-country sand flushing, sand sliding, theme activities planning and other services.

  • University of Siberia

    University of Siberia

    Cheng ⻓ in ⻉: relying on the energy ring of love, ҭҭҭҭҭҭҭҭҭҭҭҭҭҭҭ: relying on the energy ring of love, ⻄ҭҭҭҭҭ.

    ⻄⻉⼤⼤⼤⼤⼤ࡤࡤࡤࡤࡤҭ⻝⻝⻝⼤⼤ࡤҭҭҭ⼤⼤ҭҮҭҭ⼤⼤⼤ҭ⻞! The main service and training of the enterprise internal staff ⼯ is for the success of the personnel ⼯ and the enterprise.

    ҭҭҭҭ⼤ҭ⼤ҭ⼤⻝ү⼤үүүүүүүүүүүүүүүүүүүүүүүүүүүү⻞Ү⻞⻞ҮҮҮҮit's a good idea.

    The mission of learning: integrate the company's resources, build a learning platform, inherit the continuous enterprise transformation, maintain the development and talent development, and create joy!

A career with a future


A career with a future

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The way of the shell

Pei is a positive organization, and its culture is a spirit of striving! He advocated that he would like to struggle and gladly struggle. Shellfish need to have a sense of responsibility, dream, pursuit, love, willing to struggle for a living style, and take it as a pleasure. Willing to be a partner of the struggle, please go with me, we create the future glory, share the achievements of the company's development!

——Jia Guolong (speech at Xibei Partner Conference)

Love work, love life, love Xibei

In 2000, by chance, I joined Xibei. From then on, I had an indissoluble bond with Xibei. The wonderful life of Xibei started from then on. For 19 years, many things have changed. What remains unchanged is xibeiqing. I am grateful to myself, to my parents, to my partners, to Xibei. I also hope that as an "old man" of Xibei, I can also become the one that Xibei's new forces are grateful for.

Zhou Xin branch chief chef Bai Pengfei

Love work, love life, love Xibei

In 2006, I went to Xibei seafood Baotou store. From a waiter and ordering clerk to an apprentice who liked the kitchen atmosphere to becoming a chef now, Xibei gave me a lot of support and a good platform. I was grateful for the cultivation of the enterprise, I was grateful for Xibei's helping me grow up, and I was grateful that Xibei helped me succeed. Because Xibei, life is happy, because of Xibei, I changed my life values, Thank you, Siby!

Ma Zhiwei, chef of Hefei Vientiane City store

Love work, love life, love Xibei

It has been "1" year since I came to Xibei Iron Army desert base. I have learned a lot in Xibei Iron Army family. I have found my life goal and become the best coach in the base
Don't fight for the first, what do we do! Do what you say, do the best.

Operation Department - development training coach - Shi Haorui

Love work, love life, love Xibei

This year, I came to Xibei University, which is familiar and unfamiliar again. The campus is very artistic. I've been in Xibei for three years. I've learned not only about dishes, but also about how to behave and do things. If you take the initiative to love others, more people will love you. My quality of life has changed because of the changes in Xibei, so I feel happy in life! Thanks to Laosheng, to the tutor of the headquarters, and to Mr. Jia for giving us such a good platform.

Shanghai Gubei 1699 store - Production Line Supervisor - Miao Chuanchuan

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